William H. Cooper, 33°


About The Illustrious
William H. Cooper, 33°

DeMolay Consistory (pre-1881)/Emanuel Consistory No. 1 (1881)
Valley of Philadelphia
Orient of Pennsylvania

Illustrious Cooper was the first of the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commanders of the newly consolidated United Supreme Council, and the first to be a member of Emanuel Consistory No. 1.  His initial term was, in effect, an extension of the term he was serving as Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of the King David (Darious) Supreme Council—one the predecessors of United Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction.  Most of his work was completed prior to the formation of our Council, as he was an integral part of the planning that united two of the three Supreme Councils in the North—of the five “Negro” Councils in existence at that time—into our current Council.  Sadly, the dread messenger Death stole him away 1 month after the formation of our Council.

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