Sovereign Grand Commander’s Messages

Values & Culture

We work with a sense of urgency but recognize that meaningful change requires sustained investment over time in those living and working closest to the problems. For this reason, we focus on grass-roots efforts at every level through supporting participation by people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We also closely collaborate with governments, city agencies, the private sector, academia, and other creative community opportunities.

Our culture is driven by trust, and leadership that empowers innovation and excellence. We are accountable to each other at the foundation, to our charter, to our sector, to the organizations we support, and to society at large and the laws that govern our nonprofit status.

Our Approach

We believe that movements are built upon individual leadership, strong institutions, and innovative, often high-risk ideas. As a charitable giving organization, we have evolved over the years, but our investments in three areas have remained the touchstones of everything we do and are central to our theory of how change happens in the world.

These approaches have long distinguished the United Supreme Council Foundation, and they have had a profound cumulative impact.