Sovereign Grand Commander's Communications

Thanks to the membership of the United Supreme Council Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Jurisdiction (PHA), for a very successful 138th Annual Session and 46th Triennium. Among some of the highlights of the conference was our very successful Community Health Fair in conjunction with Independence Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Pennsylvania and our two entities, the Scottish Rite House and Scottish Rite Tower. Also, the unveiling of the Scottish Rite Walk of Fame was a very successful endeavor thanks to the membership’s participation. Attendance at the Monday night banquet was at an all time high as we celebrated the elevation of the Basil L. Sands Class of 2019.

I am highly honored and deeply humbled to have been chosen by the Active membership to lead our time honored Fraternity. For those unable to attend the session, the new elected officers are:

Ill. Melvin J. Bazemore, 33°

Melvin Bazemore Rev001

Sovereign Grand Commander

ILL. Sidney D. Broadnax

Sidney Broadnax Rev001

Lieutenant Grand Commander

ILL. Grand Minister of State

SGIG William R. Stark Rev001

Lieutenant Grand Commander

ILL. Roland K. Lee

Roland Lee Rev001

Treasurer General H.E.

ILL. Edward M. Brooks

32nd DE rev001

Secretary General H.E.

ILL. Daniel Poole

SGIG Daniel R. Poole

Lieutenant Grand Commander

ILL. Raynard W. Hughes

Raynard Hughes Rev001

Cathedral Secretary

Our commitment to you is that we will strive everyday to enhance the glorious legacy bequeathed to us by our past leadership. As part of that commitment, we will begin to activate the strategic plan developed by the Active membership with your input. The outline of the plan has been placed on the website.  Please review, and as we begin implementation, further periodic updates will be downloaded for your information and action. Once again, thank you for the confidence you have placed in us to Secure the Future by Enhancing the Scottish Rite Experience. We are United in Service and Commitment and dedicated to Action, Accountability and Sustainable Results.

“Let’s Go to Work”


ILL Melvin J. Bazemore

Sovereign Grand Commander