Robert L. Reed, 33°


About The Illustrious
Robert L. Reed, 33°

New Haven Consistory No. 7
Valley of New Haven
Orient of Connecticut

Illustrious Reed had the foresight to incorporate the United Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction and take a prudent step to guard against the rampant and unceasing efforts of John G. Jones and Milton F. Fields to spread bogus Scottish Rite freemasonry.  Illustrious Reed appointed a committee to investigate the activities of Milton F. Fields.  This resulted in bringing the United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction into the matter as a joint commission was formed.  Illustrious Reed, himself, was the subject of a committee being formed to investigate rumors about his fitness to lead.  He was the first Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander to be a member of New Haven Consistory No. 7.

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