Grady Edge – Reading Program

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Some Binghamton elementary students were thrilled to receive a special gift Friday from a group visiting town.

Members of a Masonic organization handed out 2,500 free books to students at Ben Franklin Elementary.

It’s part of an ongoing effort by the Masons to promote literacy through a program named for Grady Edge, the deputy for New York and Barbados.

Edge was on hand to distribute the new books.

Besides reading skills, he hopes the gift teaches another valuable lesson.

“Giving back, giving back. When they grow up to be successful, give back to the community. They want to live there, so everyone can prosper a little bit. So that’s what we hope to get out of them, just giving back, that’s all,” said Edge.

The Masons are in Binghamton to hold a convention at the Holiday Inn.

The donation was arranged by one of its members who also works for the union, New York State United Teachers.

Each child received one free book, and any left over will be handed out on Monday.

Source: Binghamton Homepage