Moses Wheeler, 33°


About The Illustrious
Moses Wheeler, 33°

DeMolay Consistory (pre-1881)/Emanuel Consistory No. 1 (1881)
Valley of Philadelphia
Orient of Pennsylvania

Illustrious Wheeler served the unexpired term of his predecessor, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander William H. Cooper 33°, and was regularly elected to his own term in May 1884.  He was the second Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander to be a member of Emanuel Consistory No. 1.  He was an integral part of the planning that united two of the three Supreme Councils in the North—of the five “Negro” Councils in existence at that time—into our current Council along with his predecessor and many others.  He guided the United Supreme Council in its infancy by establishing a second-tier organizational framework by appointing deputies of the various Orients.  He originally introduced the wearing of chest ribbons for the Fraters.

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