James F. Rickards, 33°


About The Illustrious
James F. Rickards, 33°

Wolverine Consistory No. 6
Valley of Detroit
Orient of Michigan 9th 

Illustrious Rickards continued the expansion of our jurisdiction in the West and other places.  He was heavily invested in battling bogus Scottish Rite freemasonry and healed many of those Fraters after they grew disenchanted with their bogus leadership.  He introduced the Order of the Golden Circle to the Northern Jurisdiction.  The first issue of our official organ, The Bulletin, bore his picture commemorating his death.  The first time a 33° ring was placed on the finger of a Frater was during his term.  Also the signature emblem of the Northern Jurisdiction—the Double Headed Eagle of Lagash—was first depicted with its wings up on a compilation of meeting minutes from the 3 previous year’s proceedings.  Before then we displayed the same “wings down” symbol as the United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction.  He was the first Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander to hold membership in Wolverine Consistory No. 6. 

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