Dr. Sumner A. Furniss, 33°


About The Illustrious
Dr. Sumner A. Furniss, 33°

Constantine Consistory No. 25
Valley of Indianapolis
Orient of Indiana

Illustrious Furniss was our longest serving Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander with a tenure of 28 years.  The first issue of The Bulletin was issued 1 month into his term.  Illustrious Furniss’ picture would grace the second issue.  In 1924, he also reincorporated the United Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction under the laws of Pennsylvania.  He presided over the construction and dedication of our headquarters—the Cathedral.  He furthered relations with our counterparts Supreme Councils.  He clearly upheld the sovereignty of our United Supreme Council against attacks by several misinformed Grand Masters.  He was the first to be designated “Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus.”  He was the first Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander to hold membership in the Orient of Indiana. The Class of 1946 is named in his honor.

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