Dr. Leland D. French, 33°


About The Illustrious
Dr. Leland D. French, 33°

Bezaleel Consistory No. 15
Valley of Cleveland
Orient of Ohio

Illustrious French contemplated a structural revitalization of the Cathedral, but shelved the idea due to the large cost.  The idea of the Scottish Rite House for seniors originated during his tenure.  Our very successful United Supreme Council Benevolent Foundation was established during his term and originally bore his name.  He made multiple trips to and established fraternal relations with Liberia in the name of Scottish Rite freemasonry for the United Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction alongside his counterpart Sovereign Grand Commander John G. Lewis Jr. 33° of the United Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction.  Notably during his term he retired the use of “Most Puissant.”  He chartered our first Consistory in Japan—Keystone Consistory No. 85, Valley of Okinawa.  He was the first Sovereign Grand Commander to hold membership in Bezaleel Consistory No. 15.  The Class of 1973 is named in his honor.

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