Dr. George W. Crawford, 33°


About The Illustrious
Dr. George W. Crawford, 33°

New Haven Consistory No. 7
Valley of New Haven
Orient of Connecticut

Illustrious Crawford is our second longest serving Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander with a tenure of 16 years.  He wrote a number of books to include The Prince Hall Counselor.  He deepened relations with our Scottish Rite counterparts often taking some to task for unwarranted feelings toward Prince Hall freemasonry.  He introduced the wearing of the patriarchal cross lapel pin for Sovereign Grand Inspectors General.  The Gold Medal of Achievement was introduced and the 33° ritual revised during his tenure.  He chartered the first two Consistories outside of the continental United States for the Northern Jurisdiction (Northern Lights Consistory No. 72, Valley of Anchorage, Orient of Alaska and Bahamas Consistory No. 73, Valley of Nassau, Orient of the Bahamas [Now James E. Morley Consistory No. 73]).  He was accorded Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus status upon his resignation.  He was the second Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander to hold membership in New Haven Consistory No. 7.  The Class of 1947 is named in his honor.

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