Council Forms

Official United Supreme Council Forms

Below you will find some of the most frequently used forms.
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Deputy’s Report

New USC 1st Quarterly Reports

New USC 2nd Quarterly Reports

New USC 3rd Quarterly Reports

New USC 4th Quarterly Reports


USC Dues Exemption Form

USC Expense Voucher

Benevolent Foundation Donation

USC Demit Form

Annual Session Registration Form

Consistory Petition Form

USC Nominations Scholarships

2022 USC Class Forms

2023 USC Class Forms

2024 USC Class Forms

2025 USC Class Forms

Educational Grand Orients

Order of the Golden Circle Reports

OGC Educational Grant-State Grand Assembly

OGC Annual Return

OGC Demit

OGC Applications Form

Supplies & Paraphernalia

Consistory & Assembly Price List


Paver Project

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