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  • Be a Master Mason in good standing in a recognized Prince Hall Lodge in the Northern Jurisdiction
  • Request and complete a petition from your local Consistory
  • Attend a Reunion where the Scottish Rite Degrees…

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The Supreme Council Department of Membership Services is pleased to announce that online dues payment processing is now available to Scottish Rite members.

Dear Friend:

 I am pleased that you asked about Scottish Rite Masonry, what we do, and in just a few words what is the organization’s philosophy or way of life.

 The ritualistic or esoteric part of the organization would not be of particular interest to anyone who is not already a Mason, but any Master Mason that is interested may apply by petition to the consistory in his locale for admission.

 Because we take pride in Our endeavors, permit me to share just a few of our many accomplishments.

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We express our love through our actions and each action should always be inspired by care and concern. To love is to put the well-being of those you care for on the same level as your own well-being. 

Our community service events are open to not just our Scottish Rite Family but, all who may wish to be of service.  We would love to have you join with us during our community events!

After School Programs

Academic clubs, honor societies, and educational clubs often need to raise money to fund their academic undertakings.

Cradle To College

April 30, 2019
Through hands-on activities, mentoring, presentations, and behind-the-scenes field trips, students are positively impacted by this initiative.